City & Guilds Intermediate Machine Embroidery

City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Design and Craft - Machine Embroidery

This course explores machine embroidery techniques. It is advised that students wishing to study this course have some experience of embroidery and machine work of some type, but it is not a requirement for entry to the course and any previous experience need not be extensive.

Course Requirements

  • Design sheets on five different topics - Texture, Line, Shape, Form, Colour.
  • Portfolio of samples.
  • Four finished items - Wall hanging, Accessory or set of accessories, 3-D Functional Item, Free choice item.
  • The design work for these items, taken from the design sheets and extended into fabric and thread.
  • Knowledge Criteria - Health and Safety, Research, Elements and Principles of Design, Design development.
  • Three experimental samples.

Course Modules

  1. Drawing and Designing – Line, Theory of Line, Basic Machine Stitching – Straight, Swing and Free Stitching.
  2. Cable, Whip, Moss Stitch, Couching, Stitching on Canvas, Shape – Design, Candidate Notes.
  3. Appliqué, Invisible and Metallic Stitching, Colour Design Portfolio, Experimental Sample.
  4. Presser Feet, Texture - Theory, Texture – Design, Experimental Sample.
  5. Quilting, Form – Design, Decorative Stitch Patterns, Dissolvable Fabrics.
  6. Shadow, Frayed and layered, Melted, singed, distressed, Full Working Design for Free Choice item.
  7. Colouring Fabrics, Colour Theory, Designs and Sampling for Manipulated Wall Hanging.
  8. Transparent Fabrics, Bonding, Insertions, Full Working Design for 3-D Item.
  9. Different Needles, Designs and Sampling for Accessory or set of Accessories, Working the Wall Hanging.
  10. Fastenings, Trimmings, 3-D Item, Eyelets and Buttonholes.
  11. Cut work, Pulled Work, Drawn Thread, Accessory.
  12. Full Presentation compiled of all work, Candidate Notes, Completion of qualification handbook.

Timescale & Fees

There will be a C&G enrolment fee which is payable at the start of the course. This lasts for 3 years before requiring renewal. It is usual to take around 8-12 weeks to complete a module, meaning that completion would be in 2.5 - 3 years time, although it is possible to speed this up or slow it down to suit yourself. The course is available as an online course where modules and assessments are online. However special arrangements can be made for postal delivery, but an extra cost will apply – please contact us for details.

At the end of the course online students will have an online gallery built for them showcasing highlights of  their work over the life of their course. They will not have to travel to the centre or transport work for an onsite exhibition.

Your coursework will be reviewed as you progress and when you complete by an Internal Quality Assessor, and periodically by an External Quality Assessor to ensure the City & Guilds quality standard is maintained.

City & Guilds insist that an upper time limit is set on the course so that work remains current and this is 3 years for this course. The cost of the course depends on how many modules you wish to pay for at once. Upon completion, a charge for certification of each unit is levied by City & Guilds.  This is usually around £75 and this qualification has 2 units.

Upon enrolment you will be asked to agree to and abide by SST's terms & conditions relating to this course.

Option 1: In Full - (12 Modules) = £1,595.00 + C&G Enrolment Fee (£95.00) = £1,690.00

Option 2: 4 Instalments - (3 Modules) = £495.00 + C&G Enrolment Fee (£95.00) = £590.00

Option 3: 12 Instalments - (1st Module) = £220.00 + C&G Enrolment Fee (£95.00) = £315.00