City & Guilds Beginners Stumpwork

City & Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Design and Craft - Stumpwork

We estimate this beginners course will take around 60 hours to complete. It is suitable for anyone wanting to commence this craft, with no previous embroidery knowledge. The course is comprised of 3 modules that will cover the whole of the course.

Design Portfolio

  • Simple work on colour theory.
  • Work using different types of line.
  • Work using two different textures.
  • A set of samples covering all the techniques listed in the course requirements (below).
  • A folder of notes covering techniques, ideas and Health & Safety. Most of these will be tutor given but you are required to add some of your own as the course progresses.

Course Requirements

  • Select and prepare fabrics and materials for use.
  • Use tools and equipment carefully and safely.
  • Simple background colouring.
  • Make slips and apply them neatly.
  • Select and apply methods of raising.
  • Construct component parts and apply neatly.
  • Use needlelace and embroidery stitches appropriate to stumpwork.
  • Construct free-standing effects using wire and pre-formed moulds.
  • Construct a head with a hat.
  • Construct a hand.

Course Modules

  1. Using different types of line needlelace and using pre-formed moulds.
  2. Colour theory.
  3. Contrasting textures - hands, heads and hats, Full Presentation compiled of all work, Candidate Notes, Completion of qualification handbook.

Timescale & Fees

There will also be a City & Guilds enrolment fee and a registration fee which is also payable at the start of the course. These last for 1 year before requiring renewal. It is usual to take around 4 weeks to complete a module, meaning that completion would be in 4 months time, although it is possible to speed this up or slow it down to suit yourself. This course is available only as an online delivery option.

Your coursework will be reviewed as you progress and when you complete by an Internal Quality Assessor, and periodically by an External Quality Assessor to ensure the City & Guilds quality standard is maintained. After this has taken place satisfactorily your certificate will be awarded to you. City & Guilds charge a certification fee which varies from year to year but is usually around £40 per unit. This course contains 2 units.

City & Guilds insist that an upper time limit is set on the course so that work remains current and this is 1 year for this course.

Upon enrolment you will be asked to agree to and abide by SST's terms & conditions relating to this course.

Option 1: In Full - (3 Modules) = £395.00 + C&G Enrolment Fee (£65.00) = £460.00