City & Guilds Advanced Patchwork & Quilting

City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Design and Craft - Patchwork & Quilting

The City & Guilds Diploma Course in Patchwork & Quilting focuses on developing the skills and knowledge of students who have successfully completed the City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Patchwork & Quilting. There are certain rare cases where a prior certificate level qualification may not be needed before undertaking this course, for example if someone has large amounts of samples from another source, but generally it is required. The course offers students the opportunity to experiment and a way of developing their personal research and technical skills further to form a collection of work at a professional level.

Course Requirements

  • Research for Design - this is not craft specific and is common to all Diploma Creative Study schemes - it is a major inspirational visual source, compiled by yourself, to be used in much the same way as your working designs were in Level 3, as a means of stimulating and inspiring design ideas. The theme for this work is of your own choice and generally a more general topic is selected which then focuses down onto a more specific area of interest e.g. ancient Egypt focusing eventually onto jewellery from this time. This will be used as the design work on which to base your four finished final pieces, which are:
    • A quilt - minimum size 60" x 60".
    • A functional 3-D item.
    • A miniature quilt.
    • A set of design work based on mathematical progressions and sequences including both Fibonacci and tessellations.
  • A collection of fabrics and materials.
  • Extending your Level 3 portfolio of techniques and samples. This means learning some new techniques, but also pushing others already covered in Level 3 further by using different and experimental materials and techniques.
  • Written, Illustrated Study - history of the last 200 years in Britain and a study of 4 designer makers your own choice.

Course Modules

  1. Research for Design
  2. Fabric Manipulation
  3. Paper
  4. Designer/Makers, Quick Piecing Methods
  5. Designer/Makers, Miniatures
  6. Designer/Makers, New Techniques
  7. Designer/Makers, Experimental Techniques
  8. Mathematical Progressions and Sequences, Fibonacci, Golden Section and spirals, Tessellations and symmetry, Distorted Blocks, Proposal for Miniature Quilt
  9. Miniature Quilt – Make up Proposal for Functional 3-D Item
  10. Quilt Design, Completed Miniature piece, Work on 3-D Item
  11. Completed 3-D Item, Study of Patchwork History in the UK
  12. Complete History, Return Finished Quilt

Timescale & Fees

There will be a C&G enrolment fee which is payable at the start of the course. This lasts for 3 years before requiring renewal. It is usual to take around 8-12 weeks to complete a module, meaning that completion would be in 2.5 - 3 years time, although it is possible to speed this up or slow it down to suit yourself. The course is available as an online course where modules and assessments are online. However special arrangements can be made for postal delivery, but an extra cost will apply – please contact us for details.

At the end of the course online students will have an online gallery built for them showcasing highlights of  their work over the life of their course. They will not have to travel to the centre or transport work for an onsite exhibition.

Your coursework will be reviewed as you progress and when you complete by an Internal Quality Assessor, and periodically by an External Quality Assessor to ensure the City & Guilds quality standard is maintained.

City & Guilds insist that an upper time limit is set on the course so that work remains current and this is 3 years for this course. The cost of the course depends on how many modules you wish to pay for at once. Upon completion, a charge for certification of each unit is levied by City & Guilds. This is usually around £75 and this qualification has 2 units.

Upon enrolment you will be asked to agree to and abide by SST's terms & conditions relating to this course.

Option 1: In Full - (12 Modules) = £1,595.00 + C&G Enrolment Fee (£95.00) = £1,690.00

Option 2: 4 Instalments - (3 Modules) = £495.00 + C&G Enrolment Fee (£95.00) = £590.00

Option 3: 12 Instalments - (1st Module) = £220.00 + C&G Enrolment Fee (£95.00) = £315.00